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A comparison of 3G UTMS HSUPA and DSL connection for uploading
For multiple simulatenous file upload, 3G data connection is an ideal choice when paired with a generous data plan. (September 2014)

Review: JVC ABT-1 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker system (October 2014)

About me in brief:

As a traveler by circumstances, I lived and moved across three continents by the third decade of my life. This is my web site to share what I have done and what I am doing with people who know me and who don't. In brief, I spent my life divided in China, the United States and Italy. As a result, I speak both English and Mandarin Chinese at a native level, my Italian is proficient for working at a professional level.

I am married to a wonderful Italian woman who has been loving and supportive to me all along the way through up and downs, especially consider that we had a decade-long, long-distance relationship spanning two continents!

In this decade, I am an high-tech entrepreneur, former professional judo athlete, and electronic hobbyist. I have been running various businesses in the computer industry since I was fourteen years old. Starting with a 14.4kbps dial-up modem over a telephone line, I ran a Bulletin Board System (BBS) before the internet was available where I lived. Later I moved to custom-building computers, buying and selling computer parts. During college I wrote few small shareware. After college I worked briefly as a contract programmer and project manager and released few commercial titles.

Being a consultant and contract programmer does not scale well as a business, so I founded and pioneered a consumer mobile phone service: cell phone unlocking. This trend eventually became such a force that legistilative changes were made to give consumers the right to take their cell phones to any compatible network provider.

In recent years I have been a professional judo athlete, training five to six days a week to become the best that I can be, despite began in the sport later in life. I am now retired from full time training to focus on my business and family life, but I still train regularly and compete occasionally to stay sharp.


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