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Saturday, November 17, 2013 Bellizzi judo tournament (Italy)

I went to this tournament to coach others, because I was still recovering from my elbow injury from October. However, once I was there, I decided to sign up and give a try.

Match 1 - Lincoln vs. Simone Andrenelli
The first match I didn't feel very good against this physically strong opponent from Rome. I felt slow, but managed to fight until the end. The limitation and lack of preparation due my injury shows. He eventually ended up in the final.

Match 2 - Lincoln vs. Liso Tommaso
Thank goodness my opponent is a left-hander as my injury allows me to play normally this way. He was aggressive in attacking, but I managed to catch him with an ippon seio nage after his ko-uchi-gari.

Match 3 - Lincoln vs. Antonio Mattiello
Another left-hander, I count myself lucky. This was not very difficult as I was able to quickly enter for osoto-otoshi and turn it into seio-otoshi.

Match 4 Bronze Final - Lincoln vs. Antonio d'Angelo
This is the same guy I found in the first round at the Coppa Italia qualification last month, and neither of us had a score. I had some good attacks but did not score and the referee was eager to penalize me for things I still do not understand.

Unfortunately, the week before Coppa Italia final, I suffered a moderate elbow injury from a young and overzealous opponent at a randori training camp. I ended up missing out the next two planned competitions: Coppa Italia and Sankaku International Tournament.

Saturday, October 12, 2013 Romagna judo tournament (Italy)

Match 1 - Lincoln vs. Marchetti
I went to this tournament in preparation for the Coppa Italia final and I felt good about it. The first match I wanted to make it last longer to warm up fully as I felt no threat from my opponent. However, the referees gave me two shidos for false attack when I did tomoe-nage, even with movement and setup. I ended up losing by penalties as time ran out. It was also my fault for taking this month lightly without putting pressure on my opponent.

Match 2 - Lincoln vs. Ansaloni
In repechage, I increased the pace of attack and caught my opponent early on with a tomoe-nage, put him completely in the air but got no score even as he landed. Eventually I finished with a seio-nage.

Match 3 - Lincoln vs. Persiglia
My young and strong opponent is a left hander, and gave me many opportunities to enter for throw. For some reason I could not get a score. Later in the much, with my gi over my head, I made a side step and got caught with de-ashi-barai for a yuko. I was furious! Unfortunately there was not enough time to get even and I lost the match. The result was disappointing.

Saturday, October 5, 2013 Coppa Italia (Italy Cup) qualification tournament (Italy)

This is the first year that I attempted to qualify for the Italy Cup. Campania is one of the toughest regions to qualify, and I'm glad that I did.
Match 1 - Lincoln vs. Antonio D'Angelo
During the match, I made the decision not to injure his elbow when he didn't tap. He ended up winning by a penalty. Afterward, my opponent said that it was hurting very much when I applied the juji-gatame but his coach taught him not to tap.

Match 2 - Lincoln vs. Pietro Sorrentino
This is a long match, with a long golden score, but with a nice ippon at the end, I was very satisfied.

Match 3 - Lincoln vs. Germano Chianese
I used to train with him from Star Judo Club, we know each other, and he is a strong left hander. I caught him by surprise in the last minute.

Match 4 - Lincoln vs Giuseppe Romanucci

Saturday, September 7, 2013 European Cup, Slovakia

Match 1 - Lincoln vs. Vaclav Sedmidubsky (CZE)
This is the first tournament in three month, and it is at a high level, I was not sufficiently prepared. He is a Czech champion who was in top shape after having competed in the World Championships in Rio de Janeiro the week before, I was not in the same shape.

Match 2 - Lincoln vs. Adam Gazo (SVK)
My opponent was a strong Slovak player, and he took fifth at this tournament, he threw me well for a wazari during the match with sode-tsuri-komi-goshi, and I tried to get back the score last minute with a ko-soto-gake, but got countered.

Sunday, May 19, 2013 Caserta judo tournament (Italy)

Not my ideal performance at a tournament coming with a cold, I felt slow, but managed to do five matches and take a bronze. There were some of my favorite techniques that I did not even bother trying, and it's really not a great performance.

Match 1 - Lincoln vs. Paco De Martino
I got a good ippon seio nage out of this

Match 2 - Lincoln vs. Mario Zuppa
I lost to a guy that I usually beat, but it happens. He was better that day and got a yuko in golden score.

Match 3 - Lincoln vs. Antongiulio Carella
Awkward tall opponent who has unusual reaction to attacks.

Match 4 - Lincoln vs. Luca Cardinali

Match 5 - Lincoln vs. Roberto Zimbardi Final for bronze medal

Sunday, April 14, 2013 U. S. Master National Championships (Open) - Virginia Beach, USA

Match 1 - Lincoln vs. Adam Blackburn
While I was fighting in -73kg, I had to also run back and forth to the Open division. Initially they wanted to wait until all other weight categories to finish before to begin the Open division, but they changed after my fourth match in -73kg. My opponent have taken a bronze medal several years at the U. S. Open in -100kg. I was very surprised to have caught him with a ko-ochi-gari at the opening.

Match 2 - Lincoln vs. ?

Match 3 - Lincoln vs. vs Jeff Deickman
This is my most proud match and the last of the day. When I first saw my opponent I realized this is a big man at over 1.9 meters tall, 120kg heavy. I never fought someone this big at a competition and did not know exactly what to do. However, to my surprise, I ended up winning by ippon. I took the gold medal and most likely became the first lightweight to win both the lightweight and open category.

Sunday, April 14, 2013 U. S. Master National Championships (73kg) - Virginia Beach, USA

Match 1 - Lincoln vs. Inti Toledo (no video)
A strong opponent who I unfortunately injured when I came in for a drop seio-nage. He lost by injury.

Match 2 - Lincoln vs. Michael Tusay (no video)
My friendly opponent from last year who won in the final against me by two shidos. This match ended quickly with me throwing him in the opening seconds with yoko-tomoe-nage.

Match 3 - Lincoln vs. Michael Tusay (no video)
My opponent is from Miami. I threw him for ippon with a new type of pulling and pushing o-uchi-gari that I developed recently, and I was very happy.

Match 4 - Lincoln vs. Fernandez Adrian
Unfortunately I made the mistake of attacking his leg while entering for a drop seio-nage, and when I realized it, I was not defending because I was thinking about it and he countered me with a yuko. In the end, I lost by disqualification for the leg-grab. However, due to the tournament format, we would soon meet again.

Match 5 - Lincoln vs. Michael Tusay (again)
Due to the injury of my first round opponent, and the round-robin tournament format, everyone who had to fight him got an ippon equivalent win. So that changed the outcome. Now we have three people with equal points (due to my previous loss to disqualification, and the rematch of Tusay and Adrian) for first place. So we had to fight again among three of us. In this match, we were matched evenly until the referee gave me a penalty of having my hand across my opponent's face during an attempt to do a strangle technique. That was not my intention and I didn't even know such penalty existed. However, losing by a penalty is the smallest point.

Match 6 - Lincoln vs. Fernandez Adrian (again)
This is the final match that will determine the total score and rank. In this re-match I quickly threw him with yoko tomoe-nage for ippon. This gave me the most culmulative points having beaten every opponent by ippon, and the gold medal.

Saturday, April 13, 2013 U. S. Senior National Championships (73kg) - Virginia Beach, USA

Match 1 - Lincoln vs. Russell Ragghianti
A good opponent for the first match, I got a satisfying standing ippon seio nage.

Match 2 - Lincoln vs. Nick Delpopolo
He is a very good fighter who took seventh at the 2012 Olympic Games. We ended this match with one yuko for him, and he won the rest of his matches all by ippon to win the title.

Match 3 - Lincoln vs. Everet Desilets
This is a very disappointing match for me as I underestimated my opponent, came for a ko-soto-gake casually without controlling his left side and got countered. Then, he came for a fast ogoshi that caught me completely by surprise. It was the first time I have been thrown by ogoshi in competition. Talk about disappointment. The one lesson I learned is to pay attention throughout the match and never underestimate anyone.

Saturday, March 23, 2013 Swiss Judo Open Tournament(73kg) - Geneva, Switzerland

Match 1 - Lincoln vs. Giorgi Kutsichvili (FRA)
A very good French-Georgian fighter who won this year's Belgain Open at -73kg. I fought him once before at the 2012 team tournament in Nice, France. In the beginning of the match I was leading, but he caught me when I had no grips and entered for a beautiful uchi-mata.

Match 2 - Lincoln vs. Ronald Alger (FRA)
Alger is another very good French fighter who took several World Cup medals. The inital part I felt good being active, until I got caught in a sasae tsuri-komi ashi, which is his specialty and I landed in a hold.

Saturday, March 16, 2013 International Judo Azzurro Tournament(73kg) - Leini (Turin), Italy

My first competition in almost three months, and after five weeks of recovery from an abdomenal muscle tear, I did much better than expected.

Match 1 - Lincoln vs. X

Match 2 - Lincoln vs. Chetry

Match 3 - Lincoln vs. X

Saturday, January 26, 2013 International Judo Tournament of Taranto (81kg) - Taranto, Italy

The hotel's mattress was very poor quality. I could feel every spring underneath me. I did not sleep well at all and got up around 6AM. Since I couldn't use a scale to test myself before the match, I assumed that my home scale was accurate at 73kg. By the time I weighed-in, I was actually two kilograms overweight and fought at -81kg. Surprisingly, I fought six matches and ended up in the bronze medal final. I lost to a questionable penalty.

Match 1 - Lincoln vs. X
It was a bit controversial because I began the action for tomoe-nage just before the referee stopped the match. In the end they awarded the ippon to me. Even if they didn't, I wouldn't have minded since it was so close and I should be able to score again.

Match 2 - Lincoln vs. X
The opponent was young and a bit awkward, but I was able to get a wazari from osoto-gari and every time we hit the ground I tried to attack, eventually I caught him with a straight arm lock in an unusual position.

Match 3 - Lincoln vs. X
Quarterfinal match, it was the toughest of all my matches, probably because I had only ten minutes to rest before the match. He is a strong and stocky opponent who places his weight backward through a strong pulling action. In his earlier and subsequent matches which he won, he threw all of his opponents. In our match, he tried to do tomoe-nage and I defended and quickly passed his legs and got on top, but I didn't put my weight quickly enough he escape. It happened again within a minute and I was not happy not to ending the match. The entire match neither one of us could produce a score, and he was more active than me, I was tired, and he got the win from the one shido against me. I actually beat him by ippon back in 2010 at the Italian Open when we were -73kg. Now I was giving up several kilograms, and with a short rest, I got tired.

Match 4 - Lincoln vs. X
Repechage one. Against my taller opponent I decided to try the new movement that I have been working on for drop seio-nage entry (circle to the left or right). To my surprise, it worked very well and I threw him for a wazari off the start. Then I did a feint sleeve-grip seio-nage action and then attacked with ko-uchi-gari and got a yuko. Finally he rushed to get back the score, and I threw him for ippon with tomoe-nage.

Match 5 - Lincoln vs. X
I actually thought it was the bronze medal match even after it was over, but it wasn't. My opponent is strong and like the high collar grip. In the opening exchange I had some trouble, but then I changed tactic and was able to do the same ko-uchi-gari to get a score. First the referee gave ippon, then corrected it to wazari. Then in the next attack I went for a seio-osoto and turn it into a drop seio-nage and got a yuko. Until the end of the match I wasn't trying too hard, and got the win.

Match 6 Bronze medal final - Lincoln vs. X
When they called my name I realized this is actually the bronze final. So I hurried to the mat area. The opponent is strong too. He did a very sloppy and slow one-side grip kata-guruma. I already hit the ground with my hands and knee and stopped the action before rolling over. The referee gave it a wazari! So I thought I might not be able to get back the score, and I changed tactic. I started to move him more as he was very static. I remembered what happened to me back in 2010 in Belgain Open when someone did a up-down wave motion to set me up for tomoe-nage, so I tried the same thing on him. The first time I went straight into a juji-gatame, and we went out of bound. However, the second time, I was able to land him flatly on his back. I actually got up and thought I had won. The referee said "matte". I couldn't believe it! If not ippon, it was a score for sure. The corner referees objected and the center referee went to jury table to review the video. After some time, he came back and judged it wazari. When you see the video, compare his throw on me to my yoko-tomoe-nage which lands him flat on his back and see which one deserves the wazari. In golden score, again I tried to move him and appear more active, but there was no penalty. Now I regret for not trying more seio-nage, I will work more on that these days. Eventually, we both took each other's sleeves and he did an ineffective ko-uchi-gar just to appear active, and I did the same to him. The referee stopped the match and give a penalty to me! I couldn't believe it. We each had done exactly the same thing yet I got the penalty.


Saturday, November 24, 2012 International Judo Tournament of Bellizzi (73kg) - Bellizzi, Italy

Although I have not been training judo at a high level for some time and I came hungry from making weight, I felt my judo, and had no score against me except two penalties in the entire five matches. The camera I used is actually a voice recorder with added video capability: Olympus LS-20M. The video is good quality, and the sound is great quality as the directional microphones don't pick up too much ambinent noise. However, I had to use a small tripod for most of my matches, which turned out to be a better choice than having someone holding it because the video camera's anti-shake ability is poor and the hand-held video look unsteady and wobbly in some parts.

Match 1 - Lincoln vs. X
For some reason I didn't get the strangle, but finished in osaekomi.

Match 2 - Lincoln vs. X
I have been working on the sleeve-grip sudden entry for seio-otoshi and otoso-gari, so I wanted to see what happens in competition.

Match 3 - Lincoln vs. Amandola
Despite being held in kami-shiho-gatame, he was able to get out just before twenty seconds. Observing his later repechage matches, he has good judo.

Match 4 - Lincoln vs. Goglidze (GEO)
He is part of the Georgian group who showed up at this tournament. They came to Italy two months ago. I observed his playing and knew that he would try to take the deep grip. So I had to play the distance tactic with many foot techniques. I ended up losing by two penalties. I regret that I did not try drop-seio-nage from de-ashi-barai setup.

Match 5 Bronze medal - Lincoln vs. Yet another Georgian
This poor guy lost his first match because he grabbed his opponent's leg when he thought the opponent cross-gripped. The referees disqualified him and I thought that was not necessary. He made his way back through the repechage and faced me in the bronze final. I knew that his stamina is not good, even if he has strong judo, I can win if I play it tactically. We both put several big attacks but there was no score, but he was more tired than me and that cost him four penalties and gave me the win. I had the luck to fight two Georgians in one competition, and I have to conclude that they have good knowledge working with close contact techniques.

Saturday, November 17, 2012 Freestyle Wrestling Italy Cup (Phase 2) - Terni, Italy

This is my first competition in Olympic freestyle wrestling. I eventually took fifth place, out of all the points I lost, not once I was pinned or thrown.

Match 1 - Lincoln vs. F. Bincoletto
My first match. This wrestler is strong and I was still not too aware of all the rules and the necessary tactics. However, I was able to execute a ko-soto-gari in the second period and he was not able to defend successfully. That was the only throw of the match, I was awarded three points.

Match 2 - Lincoln vs. F. Manzara (Police Team)
This match was the highlight of all my matches, due to the camerawoman's fault, my throw (drop seio-nage) in the second period was not recorded. It was a three-point throw. In this match I learned from some of my mistakes from the previous match and tried to play better tactics and it paid off.

Saturday, October 13, 2012 China National Judo Club Championships (73kg) - Rong Chang, China

Match 1 - Lincoln vs. Fang Hong Yuan (Anhui Province)
Coming under-trained, without warm-up before the first match, it was a rather poor performance First two minutes went well, until I made a mistake and got caught in osae-komi.

To watch, click and choose "Save as..." and add a Mp4 or M4v extension to the filename.

Saturday, September 22, 2012 Cogoleto International Team Tournament (73kg) - Genova, italy

Match 1 - Lincoln vs. French (Nice Judo A Team)
Standing went well, we wento to newaza and I was trying to escape the juji-gatame by attempting to lift his leg, but my arm was caught.

Match 2 - Lincoln vs. Francesco Bussi (Centro Ginnastico Torino)
I had the poor luck of fighting a young teammate from my club. When I attempted a drop seio-nage, I entered very strongly and he reacted and hit my head from the side. The opposing motion caused my neck muscle to be pulled violently and I suffered a tingling sensation in my right hand fingers for a minute. At the last I attempted a spinning uchi-mata without enough control on his back and was countered.

Saturday, April 21, 2012 U. S. National Championships - Senior (73kg) - Irving, Texas

Match 1 - Lincoln vs. Athony Kwon (Hawaii / San Jose State University)
Kwon is a fast and good judo player and he caught me by surprise with this sode-tsuri-komi-goshi. However, this should not have been the end of this match. It could not meet the criteria for ippon. Kwon later lost his semi-final match to another wrong referee call and eventually took bronze medal.

Match 2 - Lincoln vs. Matthew Parker (Olympic Training Center, Colorado)
In this match, the first throw was not given a score. The referee seemed to be very incompetent.

Match 3 - Lincoln vs. Bobby Lee (Pedro's Judo, Massechusettes)
Lee was the 2008 -73kg national champion, and after the 2008 Olympics, he took a hiatus and eventually returned at -81kg, and in 2011 at -90kg. So it was a big surprise for people to see him in the -73kg again. I knew that he is not going to be an easy opponent. In this match we fought five minutes without scores and went to golden score (overtime), at the beginning the referee incorrectly gave a yuko for a take down that was started in newaza, which is not right according to the rule. No one paid any attentions until a minute later, when an observing referee decided to call the jury to review the video play back system and halted the match. After the discussion, they cancelled the score. In overtime, eventually the referee gave a yuko to one of his attempts to throw me. I did not land on my side to justify the score, but he did manage to knock me down. This was a very close match and could have gone either way, more often than not, Lee would have been penalized twice in the first three minutes for passivity and going out of bound; but that didn't happen. Had I won this match, the road to the bronze medal match would be have paved.

Sunday, April 22, 2012 U. S. National Championships - Senior (Open weight) - Irving, Texas

Match 1 - Lincoln vs. Iszlam Monier
In the first minute, I managed to throw Monier with a ko-uchi gari and followed to newaza, but no score was given! Later he threw me and I tried to win quickly by using osoto-gari, but I had not enough control and was countered for ippon. Otherwise, I felt I had good control of my opponent.

Sunday, April 22, 2012 U. S. National Championships - Masters (-73kg) - Irving, Texas

Match 1 - Lincoln vs. Michael Tusay
The only reason I lost one match is because I got two penalties for passivity which still puzzels me since I never get penalized for it playing the same way in Europe. My opponent was someone I fought last year for the first match and I threw him for ippon. He had several what could be considered "false attack" with his poor tomoe-nage attempts and was not penalized, yet I was penalized for passivity? I can't understand the referee. Since the match is only three minutes long, I did not have time to remedy the situation.

Match 2 - Lincoln vs. Joshua Smith
After match one, I decided that I cannot risk having the incompetent referee to give me penalties so I changed my playing style to a more dominant grip. It worked well.

Match 3 - Lincoln vs. Jeremy Williams
I wanted to do seio-nage or uchi-mata, but he kept dropping for sumi-gaeshi, since the match is short, I had to just take the opportunity to pin him. In the end I took silver, but I was not happy because I should have had the gold medal.

Saturday, March 3, 2012 Open Mediterrenean Team Tournament of Judo (81kg) - Nice, France

Match 1 - Lincoln vs. Judo Nice Team 2
This is the first time that I had seen this unusual technique, and it happened to me! It is a valuable learning experience.

Match 2 - Lincoln vs. Judo Nice Team 3
Unfortunately, we were first told that we will not have another match, so we had lunch. After lunch, we were told again to fight in 40 minutes. My opponent is strong, but I could have done better had I not eaten so soon before the match. In the end, it could have gone to Golden Score.

Saturday, February 25, 2012 International Tournament of Vittorio Veneto (73kg)

Match 1 - Lincoln vs. Fratti (ITA)
This is one match that made me angry for several days. First the night before I could not sleep much because in my room three other people snored in turn. I think my lack of sleep affected my attack speed and explosiveness. Normally, I should be able to throw a guy like this with a big technique. I did most of the technical attacks in this match - ippon seio-nage, ko-soto-gari, osoto-gari, etc. My opponent was able to escape all my attempts. Finally I was caught with a drop kata-guruma and fell on my side. Since the match was only four minutes, and it happened in the last three seconds, I lost. This is my worst performance at this tournament.

Saturday, Janurary 28, 2012 Belgian Open (73kg)

Match 1 - Lincoln vs. Corentin Lepeut (BEL)

Saturday, Janurary 21, 2012 Luxembourg Judo Open (73kg) - I took second place

Match 1 - Lincoln vs.Stefan Döring (GER) :
This video is incomplete because the cameraman went away to fight his match in the middle. During the rest of the match we were scoreless; eventually my opponent became injured and I won.

Match 2 - Lincoln vs. Bruno Culo (NED):
Opponent was very strong, but we went to golden score. I wonder why no yuko for given for my counter to his foot technique during the match. The wazari in golden score should not be valid for restart after newaza.

Match 3 - Lincoln vs. Philippe König (GER):
This kid was hard to throw. I had several ippon seio-nage and osoto-gari to off balance him but no success. Finally in golden score I got him.

Match 4 - Lincoln vs. Autem Thomas (FRA):
This video is incomplete due to memory card full (I forgot to check it before the match). This one is a bit strange because they called me almost immediately after the previous match and I had to ask for a five-minute break. My opponent from France had the advantage of coming in fresh. He quickly threw me for a wazai using a foot technique in the first minute. Subsequently he was acting strongly every time. I was very tired and could not act as strongly, but I defended well. I even pulled off a seio-nage to morote-gari move in competition! Though it did not score. It was visible that I was exhausted. With less than forty-five seconds to go, I took a right -hand lapel grip, and allowed him to take my left sleeve and hang there loosely with no resistance at all. Suddenly I unleashed a ippon seio-nage and threw him on the edge! Wazari! Furthermore, I landed in a perfect position for yoko-shiho-gatame, and I held him with all my strength to ensure that he did not escape the mat with me. That's how I won my last match. I was so happy because I really did not think I could win and in the last minute I was able to do a standing seio-nage continue to ground work.


Saturday, December 10, 2011 Piedmont Championships (73kg)
Match 1 - Lincoln vs. Flavio

Download Match 2 - Lincoln vs. Ermes Tosolini

Download Match 3 - Lincoln vs. Matteo Mandaliti

Download Match 4 - Lincoln vs. X

Download Match 5 - Bronze medal final - Lincoln vs. Davide Tebaldi - Incomplete video, Lincoln won by three shidos


Saturday, November 26, 2011 Piedmont Team Championships Qualification
Match 1 - Lincoln vs. X from Cerie (73kg)
Match 2 - Lincoln vs. X from Team 2 (81kg)

Saturday, November 19, 2011 International Tournament of Bellizzi, Italy (81kg)
Match 1 - Lincoln vs. X
Match 2 - Lincoln vs. X
Match 3 - Lincoln vs. Moreno Rispo
Match 4 - Bronze medal final - Lincoln vs. Moreno Minetti

Saturday, November 5, 2011 Finnish Open (73kg) - Helsinki, Finland
Match 1 - Lincoln vs. Sampsa Koivulahti (FIN)
This was my first competition since July 2011. I had trouble cutting weight, and ate too much breakfast without enough time to digest. As a result, I was very slow and tired in the competition. I should have been training at least three more weeks before competing.

Because of an video encoding issue, you have to download the following videos first to play them. Right click on the link, choose "Save As..."

Friday, April 29, 2011 U. S. National Championships - Senior (73kg) - Orlando, Florida

Match 1 - Lincoln vs. Michael Tusay
I was controlling the match well and was inattentive for a second and got caught for an osoto-gari, but I immediately was able to come back and throw him for ippon.

Match 2 - Lincoln vs. Nick Delpopolo
Delpopolo was the national champion at the time and I knew he had a good uchimata, but I was caught by surprise in the beginning of the match for ippon.

Match 3 - Lincoln vs. David Harris
In the repechage, this match was full five minutes long and I received two penalties for passivity. Later that year this referee made the same mistake in the final of the -81kg World Cup in Miami. I felt that I could have thrown him for ippon throughout the match and I kept attempting for the big throw, which cost me time and he had a good ability to escape and I ran out of time before turning the match. After our match, Harris fought a brown belt and won easily, and lost to Adam Moyermann in the bronze final and took fifth. To this day I still think the referee's calls were incorrect. If they were correct, Harris could have gotten penalties too equally.


Saturday, April 18, 2009 U. S. National Championships - Senior (73kg) - San Diego, California

In 2009, my judo was conisdered good at the regional level, but my technical and physical level was not as good as few years later. Though I still managed to place seventhy (7th) at the national championship. This was before the rule change to forbid direct leg attack techniques, and I had been using a very different style to fight in competition with emphasis on kata-guruma, te-guruma, and sutemi-waza.

Match 1 - Lincoln vs. Danny Satinsky
My first match against Satinsky started off well, until I was caught by his kata-guruma for wazari. Later I tried to do a sumi-gaeshi, but I did not have enough pull, he was able to escape and counter with a hold. It's one of the few times I lost on the ground in competition. He eventually ended up in the semi-final and I had another chance at repechage.

Match 2 - Lincoln vs. Joshua Lopez
Repechage match 1

Match 3 - Lincoln vs. Augustus Meissener
Repechage match 2, Messener has been around for some time and won some regional competitions. He was a physically strong player and it was a good match. Some of the referee calls were dubious, fortunately I was able to reverse the match at the end.

Match 4 - Lincoln vs. Joseph Hashimoto
Repechage match 3, Hashimoto is from the Olympic Training Center in Colorado, and he moved up from 66kg. He is a very technical judo player. We had a full match and I made a mistake of attacking him poorly with a left osoto-gari, which resulted in him countering me for a yuko, which became the decisive score of that match. This was the last match before the bronze medal final. Hashimoto took two U. S. national bronze medals in two subsequent years.


This was my first U. S. National championship, while I did not place, I also knew that I could hang with the top players in the U. S.

Saturday, April 21, 2009 U. S. National Championships - Senior (73kg) - Miami, Florida

Match 1 - Lincoln vs. Richard "RJ" Cohen
It was a tough start for my first match in the first national championship against a former national champion. Though I was hard to throw for few minutes, eventually I was caught with a kata-guruma for wazari and he made a transition into juji-gatame as I tried to escape the hold. It became the first time that I lost to a juji-gatame in competition (I only have lost two times in my entire competitive career to such technique).

Match 2 - Lincoln vs. Christopher Cody
Repechage match 1, I felt I had good control of the match and was able to throw him for a wazari with kata-guruma, but later I made a mistake of following him and got thrown for drop seio-nage.

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