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Sustainable living through product repair and re-use

Did you know it is possible to troubleshoot and repair most common consumer electronics without the repair manual and schematics?

There are too much electrical and electronic products thrown away by consumers and these junks are contributing to an ever growing landfill and pollution problem worldwide. Consumers often have a choice to prolong the life of a product through re-use or repair, but too many are not aware of this choice. I wish to help increase the awareness by teaching people who are not electronics experts to do their own repair. Although I have extensive professional experience in the computer and cell phone industries (both software and hardware) and I have a fundamental understanding of microcomputer system and electronics, I am not an expert in electronics design and repair as the specialists are. However, for most modern electronic products, the troubleshooting and repair should not be very difficult to understand for those who are technically savvy, or those who are curious, meticulous and persistent. I wish to share my electronics troubleshooting and repair knowledge with you through practical examples.

Before attempting to work with any electrical equipment, always make sure to thoroughly study the procedures and take all precautions. Always disconnect the power before taking apart or working on any equipment. All the articles and videos I post here are for educational purpose only and I will not be liable for any actions you take based on the information here.


Learn basic soldering and desoldering skills

Sony SLV-315 VCR power-on, tape loading fail, LCD status display blinks and disappears

Sony SLV-315 complete bottom-side tape loading gear mechanism

Sony SLV-679HF VCR: over-voltage power supply damage and video playback problem

Cyberhome CH-DVD300 player cannot power on

DeLonghi Alicia EMK4 espresso moka coffee maker

D-Link ADSL modem, ethernet switch, router, wireless access point

D-Link DHP-200 ethernet-over-powerline adapter

RCA DVD player plugged into wrong voltage

Repair electric fan

Sharp QT-CD130 stereo-CD-player

Sony CFD-112 CD-player radio cassette player: Disc reading error

Sony CFS-904 portable radio tape player

Sony Ericsson MH-100 Bluetooth stereo headset battery replacement





Apple TV first generation: upgrade or repair

Add a power switch to Apple-TV or Roku

Apple iPod 5th generation classic

Disassemble Asus S101 netbook computer to upgrade SSD hard drive or memory

Fujitsu P8010 P8020 disassembly LED screen, keyboard, motherboard

Test motherboard without power switch

ATI Nvidia Radeon AGP graphic card: No picture, striped or garbled display

Replace Microtek ScanMaker E3 Plus light bulb

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