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Repair Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Date: 2014


This Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Stereo Headset is a very nice wireless music player that can stream music from a Bluetooth-enabled phone, and also functions as a headset. The battery doesn't keep charge much and needed to be replaced.


Fortunately, it is possible as Sony Ericsson designed the device very well with longevity and ease to service in mind. The Lithium Ion rechargeable battery needs replacement and is easily found on the internet.


The most difficult part of the repair is to remove the spring pressed clip, which you need to slightly wedge the support plastic to one side to allow clip part to come out as you pull on it. Once that comes off, a screw is exposed and you can remove it along with the other ones. The volume control does not need to be removed, it is touch-sensitive and is taped on the case. Pull out the electronic unit and you'll find a lithium ion battery that is shaped like a AAA battery, but it is not an AAA battery. Make sure you use an equivalent lithium ion replacement battery.


It charges and works like before.

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