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I have always enjoyed working with computers which later became my chosen work. I am glad that at an early age I found something that I enjoyed enough to turn into a challenging and interesting work and several businesses. At the age of thirteen, I was first published in the Computer Shopper magazine, then again the next year. Computer Shopper was the bible of computer shopping in the 1990s.

I especially enjoy combining my knowledge in computer software and hardware to create useful products and solutions in other disciplines. With my natural ability to deal with uncertainty and changes, a great part because of my complex life spanning across three continents, entrepreneurship in the high-tech industry is the perfect fit.

Today, in the U. S., you can have "phone portability" from one compatible carrier to another without having to buy another phone was in great part because of organizations like my previous business, which made relentless effort to promote "unlocked" phones. My most recent business was what later became, you can read more about it in various media reports.

On the personal side, while web design is an integral part of the type of web business I operated, I also had done some web sites since I was a teenager. Some of my past designs can be found here.

My current start-up business: - Sport competition event management software. It streamlines the management of competitor registration and payment for any type of sport competition.

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