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As a high-tech entrepreneur, it helps to have extra abilities, esepcially during the start-up stage. While I am not an artist, I always enjoyed doing computer graphic design dating back to Desktop Publishing in the 1990s. Naturally that turned into web design as the internet became more popular. Web design is not my work in the sense that I am not a professional web designer making a living from it, but yet it was and is part of my current work as a web business owner when it is part of my business. Here are some selected work from 1999 and onward. These are a mix of personal, commercial and non-profit web sites. Keep in mind that the designs were made with the technology and end user browser of the respective time. While some may look dated now, they were cutting edge at the time!  

Mp3Alarm (1999) - A small utility program I wrote in college when MP3 and Napster became popular. Many students living in the dorm slept with their computer on all night, so this allows them to wake up to their favorite music.

Rochester Institute of Technology Department of Electrical Engineering (2000) - A complete redesign of the old department web site which was very basic and without colors.

TimeEdge, Inc. (2001) - A digital media transaction company web site which later evolved into other sectors (logo is later changed).

Judo club (2003) - Original designed for San Diego Judo School, a non-profit martial art school. This was in use for several years until they changed ownership and location. Later it was re-used for Island Judo Club in Hong Kong, China.

Mobile Electronics Warehouse (2004) - An e-commerce business offering mobile phone and mobile computing products and services.

Ippocrate S. C. a. R. L. (2005) - A non-profit medical research group formed by medical doctors from various specialities in Italy. (2007) - an e-commerce service company specializing in cell phone unlocking. I founded this business and operated it for several years. Apart from the web site, I also wrote an entire customer and order management web application for the server with the particular need of this type of technical service in mind. The web site has been changed several times, this is the last major revision.

Star Judo Club (2013) - also known as Centro Sportivo Maddaloni, it is a non-profit organization located in Naples, Italy devoted to help kids to stay off the street and away from crimes by giving them a positive outlet through judo and other sports.

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