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Copyright issues

Think twice before getting that cheap logo for your business
With the ubiquitous cheap ready-made logos available on the web, what you save from not hiring a designer may cost your business identity. See some of these logo rip-offs sold by cheap logo design web sites.

An article about how to avoid cheap logo design

", a website offering $79 pre-made logos was allegedly busted back in August for selling more stolen logo designs. Over 200 to be exact. Read more on the logo theft here. Sadly, this is not an isolated incident of large scale “identity theft”. is also apparently guilty of selling blatant logo rip offss, as are many other sites offering these cheap stock logos."

Stealing another web site's design?
What happens when an real estate agency stole another real estate agency's web site design? Read more

Stealing the design of an entire restaurant?
An entire Hong Kong-based restaurant was counterfeited in Shanghai. A popular Thai restaurant in Hong Kong found itself victim of brazen imitation done to the decoration and name in copycat restaurant found in Shanghai. Read more

Kung Fu Panda copyright fight
The movie Kung Fu Panda is highly entertaining and successful, however, a Los Angeles writer sued DreamWorks SKG for stealing his idea. Read more on

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