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PC: Disassemble Fujitsu P8010, P8020 notebook computer: replace LED screen, keyboard, motherboard (main board) removal

Date: February 2013


This notebook had two problem: LED appears to be dark and has no backlight, yet if you look at it very closely, it displays everything on the screen.

The second (unrelated) problem: The VGA port on the motherboard (main board) is damaged and does not output video properly.


First, I replaced the LED panel. A viewer of my video added a tip to make removing the frame covering the LED panel: "gently press the right and left edge of the frame from the inside to the outside. Then it will loosen easily without much force."

The second LED is known to be working and still did not have backlight, so I looked carefully at the flex cable. The flex cable turned out to have a very fine broken wire.

Fujitsu P8020 LED display internal cable


So  I replaced the flex cable, and both LED panels show backlight again. I showed the process in the first of the following videos.

For the second problem, everything has to be removed from the computer in order to remove the motherboard. The first step is to remove the two bolt screwns holding the VGA port in place. See my second video for the detailed process.

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