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Repair ATI Radeon graphic card with bad capacitors, no display

Date: 2014


Someone gave this to me because his computer began to not show anything on the monitor. This also applies to problems such as garbled display, unstable display, stripes on display, strange colors, etc.


All the capacitors are blown up. It's obvious they caused the graphic card to cease function.


(4) 6.3V 1000uf, (2) 6.3V 1500uf capacitors needed replacement. I replaced them with capacitors with higher rating ones. So I used 6.3V 1800uf to replace the 6.3V 1500uf, and 16V 1000uf to replace the 6.3V 1000uf.

In general, you can always replace a capacitor with one that has higher voltage, and slightly higher capacitance, but never lower. Pay attention to the polarity of the capacitor. Negative is marked white on the PCB and is the striped side of the capacitor. If you reverse polarity on an electrolytic capacitor, it will blow up again.


I gave this back to the original owner and he his graphic card is working again.

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