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Repair Microtek Scanmaker E3 Scanner

Date: 2011


This solid SCSI scanner from 1998 lasted over a decade, one day it powered on without the lamp light, hence it cannot scan.


The fuse is normal. The lamp is likely bad.


Lamp was replaced with an equivalent wattage florescent bulb. The original bulb was an NEC T5 8-watt 12-inch. Florescent bulbs come in several color temperatures which can affect the color accuracy. A cool white is preferred, a multi-coating or tri-phosphorous coat is better than the single-coating. They are also rated with a color range index, the higher the rating, the better color accuracy. For practical purpose a CRI value of over 50 is sufficiently good.


After the replacement of bulb, the scanner powers on with the lamp and resolved the problem.

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